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White Water Mold...HOW BOLD!

The apparent "white water mold" that appears in some pools is really a form of bacteria. It's cause is unknown at this time. This bacteria tends to form in and around fixtures, in the pipes, skimmers, filters, and any dark areas, as well as, sometimes forming a gel on the walls or being visible in the water itself.

I can't repeat how it's been described to me! It looks like cotton or mulched up paper bits in the water. It also gets into the eyeball fittings and under the ladder treads. You really need to check and clean these areas thoroughly when bacteria is present, otherwise it will keep recurring.

It really is bold and stubborn!


  • Place all equipment such as vac heads, hoses, brushes, nets, poles, auto cleaners, etc. in the pool.
  • Shock the pool heavily, at least twice the normal shock dose. It is not proven but it appears, sometimes, that Algae Bomb may help when added with the shock treatment.
  • Add some shock or chlorine directly to the plumbing through the skimmer. If you use chlorine tablets in the skimmer routinely then you are already adding chlorine into the lines. If not, add chlorine tablets to the skimmer as long as you do not have an above ground pool and you do not have a main drain plumbed up to the skimmer so that the chlorine could gravity feed down and possibly damage your liner. Make sure your filter is not shut off for long periods of time with tablets in the skimmer. If you do not wish to use chlorine tablets, simply pour a little shock directly into the skimmer. Make sure, if you have an automatic chlorinator, that it is empty at the time you do this. Shock treatments and chlorine tablets can sometimes act unfavorably when combined.
  • Vacuum out any visible slime growth then clean the vac head.
  • Sponge out all fixtures and ladder treads and throw away the sponge.
  • Repeat the process as much as necessary until the bacteria is gone.
  • Acid wash your filter if you have a DE or Cartridge filter.

Good Luck!



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